Make Better Business Decisions With This 5-Course Data Analysis Bundle
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Make Better Business Decisions With This 5-Course Data Analysis Bundle

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Data is everywhere. It’s prevalent in finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. As such, data analysts are in great demand, and companies are willing to pay a good salary for their skills. The best thing about data analysis is that you don’t necessarily need a technical degree like computer science to enter the field.

It’s possible to learn data and business analytic skills while on the job. However, if you’re looking for more exposure and professional instruction, look no further than The 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle. This five-course bundle will introduce you to three tools that every data analyst needs in their repertoire for just $29.99.

What You Will Learn

Perhaps the most widely-used data analysis tool is Microsoft Excel. It just looks like a spreadsheet program on the surface, but mastering it will allow you to perform advanced data analysis. First, this bundle offers three courses on Excel alone and will cover advanced topics. You will learn how to combine data from multiple data sets, use functions in DAX, and merge queries with Power Query.

Furthermore, this bundle includes two additional courses that are focused on Microsoft Power BI and Python. The Power BI course will introduce you to data visualization using Data Models, DAX, charts, and graphs. Many of its Power Query concepts carry over from Excel. Alternatively, Python is aimed at technically-inclined data analysts who want to add a programming language to their skillset. This course will teach you about basic data types and how to write scripts in Python.

All in all, mastering data analysis will open up a wide array of career paths no matter what industry you’re interested in. The 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle will teach you the skills you need to land your first data analysis job, and it’s currently on sale for $29.99, or 93% off.

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