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Detroit Brawl After Man Yells Racist Slurs At Striking Auto Workers

During the second week of strikes at American automaker Stellantis, a brawl erupted outside the Detroit plant after a man allegedly yelled racial slurs at a group of picketing workers. According to a report from Fox 2 Detroit, what happened was caught on video via the news program’s chopper camera in the air.

There was a lot of shoving, and at one point, the man grabbed one of the picket signs and began swinging it as an improvised weapon. Eventually, punches were thrown as the striking United Auto Workers were pushed against a fence. The incident eventually began to calm down, but after the man’s wife emerged from the vehicle and threw something in the direction of the workers, the brawl started back up again. Apparently, this was a family affair, as Fox 2 reports that his children were also in the vehicle yelling and throwing objects at the workers. According to the lead worker at the strike, the man drove up and began yelling racial epithets and throwing things at the workers. He also said the man made several motions indicating that he was armed, which made the members check to see if he indeed had a weapon on him prior to fisticuffs ensuing. 

The United Auto Workers have recently expanded strikes at GM and Stellantis parts distribution centers. On Sept 22, UAW President Shawn Fain said that GM and Stellantis specifically are going to need a major push to get them close to a fair deal for the workers. They are sparing the Ford Motor Company, who, according to Fain, has come much closer on wages, job security, and other issues the workers have been agitating for over the last two weeks.

Ford released a statement in agreement with Fain’s assessment: “Ford is working diligently with the UAW to reach a deal that rewards our workforce and enables Ford to invest in a vibrant and growing future. Although we are making progress in some areas, we still have significant gaps to close on the key economic issues.”

On social media, the reaction to the fight videos circulating on Twitter/X have been met with a large dose of collective humor. Underneath a post made by The Huffington Post reporter Phillip Lewis, several users have chimed in with references to the Montgomery Riverboat Brawl in Alabama and folding chairs. Others referenced the fact that this happened in Detroit, arguably one of the Blackest cities in the country and others used the moment to call attention to the reaction of users to Rho Bashe who was allegedly hit with a brick by a man she rejected. In any case, it is probably a safe bet that this man in Detroit will not be trying that tactic again after the community beatdown he received from the workers on strike.

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