Man Who Attacked Dave Chappelle at ‘Netflix is a Joke’ Comedy Festival Sentenced to 270 Days in Jail

The man who attacked Dave Chappelle during his live set at the Netflix comedy special earlier this year has been sentenced to 270 days in jail.

Isaiah Lee, 24, was issued the sentence on Wednesday after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges, BBC reported. Lee ran on stage and tackled Chappelle to the ground while the comedian performed at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles in May.

Chappelle was performing as part of the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival at the time of the attack. In addition to the tackle, Lee also pointed a fake handgun, which contained a knife blade, at Chappelle during the encounter, USA Today reported. This led to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

After the attack, comedians Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx joined Chappelle on stage to support him. While Chappelle was unharmed, photos showed Lee being taken to the hospital for treatment with a bloody and bruised face.

Reports say Lee was punched and kicked by Chappelle’s security. Ahmed Ali, who attended Chappelle’s performance, said, “It was crazy.”

“There was a lot of confusion,” Ali said. “I think we all thought, at first, that it was part of the show.”

Chappelle was introducing the rap duo Black Star, consisting of Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli, when Lee jumped onstage.

“The guy tried to tackle Dave, and Dave sidestepped,” Ali said. Lee was then “corralled” by security and chased backstage. Chappelle joined his security backstage and surrounded Lee.

After the attack, Chappelle returned to the stage and said his attacker “was a trans man.” His joke was in reference to the backlash he received following his controversial jokes about the transgender community in his Netflix special, The Closer.

Lee later explained that he attacked Chappelle because of how “triggering” the comedian’s set was for him.

“I identify as bisexual…and I wanted him to know what he said was triggering,” Lee told The NY Post. “I wanted him to know that next time, he should consider first running his material by people it could affect.”