Survey: Women Make Better Decisions in Management

Survey: Women Make Better Decisions in Management

a young black man and woman in a professional setting
(Image: Thinkstock )
(Image: Thinkstock)

Are women better decision makers than men? According to a study conducted by McMaster University in Ontario the answer is yes. The survey questioned 600 board directors, 75% of which were men, on their decision making practices. The study showed that the men were apt to follow the rules and stick to tradition while the women were more likely to step out of the box and challenge ideas. The study also showed that the women were more likely to take the opinions and interests of more than one investor in mind before reaching a decision. Chad Brooks, a contributor for Yahoo reviewed the research which “revealed that women’s abilities to make fair decisions when competing interests are at stake make them better corporate leaders.”

Although this study supports more women in management positions statistics show that this is not the case for many. reports that in 2012 only 14.3 percent of women held executive office positions in Fortune 500 companies. It also reported that 16.6 percent of women hold a position as a board member. In conjunction with that many women are still not paid equally in comparison to male counterparts holding the same title.

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