Marriott Port-au-Prince Opens in Haiti

The Marriott Port-au-Prince is not just a hotel, it’s a beacon of hope. Hope that will advance the countries reputation, financial status, and job creation. As a result of a philanthropic partnership between Marriott International, The Clinton Foundation, and leading global service provider, Digicel Group, the first internationally branded Haiti hotel, the Marriott Port-au-Prince, has opened it’s doors to the public.

Tourism, along with agriculture and light manufacturing, is among the industries the Haitian government and international supporters are betting on to boost the local economy. The 175 room hotel employs 96% Haitians, works with local farmer co-ops to source produce and herbs, has an in-depth training program to teach its staff English and service principles, employs a local women’s business for all the hotel bathroom soaps and shampoos, has partnered with a local coffee provider; instead of the standard Marriott Starbucks offerings, and has an incredible collection of Haitian art throughout the property.

Located in Port-au-Prince’s emerging commercial district, the property is an investment in Haiti. It’s a modern hotel that aims to increase tourism awareness to the destination and, ultimately, create sustainable economic growth. Upon opening, Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel will have created more than 200 jobs and operates under the corporate social responsibility guidelines to employ local businesses to source as much as possible from within the country for items ranging from bath products, to décor, to locally sourced food and beverage.

Guests to the new Haiti hotel will enjoy modern accommodations, city views, powerful internet connectivity, a 1,614-square-foot state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pool and locally inspired décor. In addition to facilities designed with both the business and leisure traveler in mind, the Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel features three restaurants offering local and international cuisine, in addition to gourmet Haitian coffee, due to the hotel’s exclusive partnership with REBO.

Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel is approximately 6.5 miles from Port-au-Prince International Airport, and easily accessible to North American travelers with nonstop flights from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, New York, and Montreal.