Actress And Producer Marsai Martin Opens Up About Diagnosis And Women’s Health

Actress And Producer Marsai Martin Opens Up About Diagnosis And Women’s Health

She noticed something was going on after consistently having a lot of pain with her period.

Marsai Martin, an actress, and the youngest-ever movie producer, is being transparent about her body after receiving a health diagnosis to increase dialogue about sensitive topics that may affect Black women’s bodies.

Martin describes conversations about reproductive health as “nothing to be ashamed of” and encourages women to seek out information that can help them take care of their bodies, according to Texas Metro News.

The “Black-ish” star discussed her diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

She first noticed something was going on when she was consistently having a lot of pain with her period, according to Texas Metro News. She was later diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. According to the outlet, this information was kept private until 2022, when the actress shared her diagnosis with the public. The young actress discussed what it was like seeking out a diagnosis and the apprehension she had due to her knowledge of the high mortality rates and risks associated with cervical cancer for Black women compared to white women. 

“I was so nervous about even knowing what was going on with my body,” she reflected. “I was in a space where I didn’t know if I wanted to know that information because of conversations that I had in the past.”

In an interview with Yahoo!, the actress shared that she waited four years before she underwent a surgical procedure to have the cyst removed.

“Pain is not normal, you know. And that’s something that I thought was normal for such a long time,” she said.

At the time of her diagnosis, the Little star said, “It was a bunch of things to navigate.” She was tasked with juggling her acting-producing career while making the most of her teenage years.

After undergoing surgery, Martin said she realized there was nothing to be afraid of, and this informed her of the importance of voicing her concerns when it came to her body.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PCOS is a disorder caused by the body overproducing a male hormone, which may result in the development of cysts, or fluid-filled sacs, on the ovaries. The syndrome tends to occur in women who are obese and with an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

The CDC lists the following symptoms that may be experienced by a woman with PCOS: infertility, pelvic pain, excessive hair growth (on the face, chest, stomach, thumbs, or toes), acne or oily skin, and patches of thickened dark brown or black skin.

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