Marvin Gaye's Ex Urges Jesse L. Martin to Back out of Biopic
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

Janis Gaye, the ex- wife of R&B legend Marvin Gaye, says she hopes Jesse L. Martin has a change of heart and walks away from the starring role in an upcoming biopic, EURweb reports.

It was just announced last week that Martin would be replacing Lenny Kravitz who decided not to star in the Julien Temple film. Kravitz had received appeals from Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III, to abandon the film but it’s not clear that’s the reason Kravitz quit.

“Ultimately, I think it was Lenny’s heart and soul and  conscience that caused him to step away,” Janis Gaye told the N.Y. Daily News. “Hopefully, that touches Jesse in the same way… I don’t think Marvin is a very happy spirit  right now.”

Makkada B. Selah is a journalist based in New York City.