Master P Is Supporting The Elderly in New Orleans Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Master P Is Supporting The Elderly in New Orleans Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The rapid outbreak of COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, has become a public health crisis that has devastated the world. The elderly and people with pre-existing ailments and respiratory problems are among the most vulnerable for contracting the virus. Rapper and entrepreneur Master P is the latest to step up and help out his community during the pandemic by providing free support to senior citizens living in his hometown of New Orleans.

“A lot of people can’t get these hand sanitizers,” he told TMZ. “We are probably the only ones in New Orleans that has it so we want to make sure that the elderly have it.” The rapper also told the entertainment outlet that anyone over the age of 60 years old living in New Orleans can sign up for a deep cleaning of their home in addition to two types of hand sanitizers. The service is free of charge and residents are only required to show a form of ID.

WDSU News reports as of Monday evening (April 6) that the state of Louisiana has reported 14,887 active COVID-19 cases and 512 deaths. As of right now, 62 out of the 64 parishes are now affected with nearly 4,500 of the cases from New Orleans.

The rapper’s foundation, Team Hope NOLA, has also given cash donations and purchased groceries for elderly residents in need due to the coronavirus outbreak. They also offer to collect other needed supplies for the elderly, including toilet paper.

For more information about Master P’s deep cleaning, visit the Team Hope NOLA website.ith