Master P Launches His Own Brand of Instant Ramen ‘Rap Noodles’

Percy “Master P” Miller continues to extend his business empire with the release of his own ramen, “Rap Noodles,” according to Complex.

The offering comes under the Rap Snacks brand, which he owns a stake in. The ever-expanding businessman alerted his more than 2 million followers on Instagram about the virtues of creating his own noodles brand.

The ICON Ramen Noodles will include flavors like Hot n’ Spicy Cajun Shrimp, Creamy Chicken Gumbo, Spicy Picante Chicken, and Sirloin Steak Beefy. Miller proclaims in the Instagram clip, “If you ain’t eating Rap Noodles, then you shouldn’t be eating noodles ’cause this is the best of the best noodles.”

Miller began his career as a rapper in the hip-hop group Tru before “Make ‘Em Say Uhh” established his legendary career as a solo rapper in 1997. He also started the No Limit Records label, which was named after a record store he opened in Richmond, California, after receiving $10,000 as part of a malpractice settlement.

“When I was [lying] on that floor in the projects, I would say, ‘This floor is going to turn into [a] marble floor,’” Miller told BLACK ENTERPRISE back in July about his rags-to-riches story. He added that his entrepreneurial journey began at age 6 when he would help the elderly carry their groceries and cut grass in exchange for a few dollars.

Miller’s business partner, James Lindsay, spoke to BE last month and says his next goal is to turn Rap Snacks into an international brand and continue to inspire people of color to become entrepreneurs. “My goal for Rap Snacks is to make it one of the biggest brands in the world. Hip-hop is one of the biggest streaming genres in the world today and our potential in that space cannot be limited. I want our community to believe that you can create momentum and brand recognition outside of just the music and expand globally.”