Mathew Knowles Defends Beyonce’s Performance In Dubai

Beyoncé may have had “resentment” toward her father, but daddy will defend his superstar daughter.

Mathew Knowles spoke with TMZ regarding the backlash Queen Bey received from her extravagant performance in Dubai. Knowles-Carter was criticized for performing in the Middle Eastern country with strict anti-LGBTQ laws.

Knowles says people should look at it differently. “Queen Bey united a really diverse crowd with her incredible performance overseas, bringing people closer, as she does best,” Knowles said.

Knowles, known for managing the former girl group Destiny’s Child, called Beyoncé’s show an “amazing moment.” “People who weren’t at the show might not understand—she gave respect and got respect back from the country.” The proud father also noted that Beyoncé remains inclusive and knows everyone was at the performance with love. “She’d never do something to deliberately hurt someone,” Knowles said.

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, also chimed in about the performance. TMZ reports Knowles-Lawson said her daughter was “pretty nervous” since this was her first show in five years. Knowles-Lawson says it was a great show and trip despite her nervousness.

Black Enterprise reported earlier this week that LGBTQ supporters of the superstar expressed disappointment in her decision to perform in Dubai. Her first live performance in five years was the main event for the grand opening of Dubai’s newest luxury hotel, Atlantis.

Sources say Beyoncé was reportedly paid $24 million for the show. Several supporters look at the 41-year-old as an “ally,” given her latest album, Renaissance, was dedicated to her late Uncle Johnny, who she said introduced her to the Black queer and ballroom community.

Speaking of her music, Knowles gave her fans something to look forward to—a world tour. While he didn’t provide much information, the Shade Room reports Queen Bey will announce it “when she’s ready.”