Maximize Your Skill Set to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Funneling money in from one successful career has it’s rewards but, is it enough? As black women climb to new educational heights, its been said that education is no measure of equal pay and doesn’t secure a comfortable retirement. Therefore, the need to maximize the revenue within your skill set is becoming more and more necessary.

Multiple streams of income may provide you with the ability to save more, purchase more, and borrow less. Becoming a small business owner is an ideal way to increase income and to create additional revenue streams. Fitness maven and entrepreneur, Jonese Holloway, decided to take her income into her own hands after giving birth to her last child. Formally, working in public relations, Holloway changed lanes after her son was born and stayed home, caring for her children.

In a frantic effort to get off the post-baby weight, Holloway began to develop a pretty intense workout routine that helped her to shed more than 60 lbs. After trying the workout with a few close friends and witnessing their results, Holloway knew she had more than just a hobby on her hands and felt compelled to empower others and to maximize her income.

“I was just so excited about the knowledge and being able  to share that I really wasn’t looking at it as a business until I had people calling me to say ‘What did you say do again’”, said Holloway, “And they are actually seeing results.

Soon Holloway found herself spending her Friday nights at the gym, training her best friend and developing fitness routines, that eventually lead to her friends’ 70 lbs weight loss.

Since then, Holloway obtained necessary certifications and has managed to turn her fitness skill set into three functional streams of incomes contributing to her family’s well-being.

Through in-home personal fitness clients, corporate wellness programs and tailored workout classes, that Holloway now offers at her storefront fitness boutique, Johnnie Boi Fitness, she’s been able to maximize her revenue potential, by taking advantage of opportunities currently existing around her.

“The other way, in which I picked up income, was through corporate wellness; Reaching out to businesses and different corporations. I live in Washington DC, so reaching out to government offices and basically doing government contracts. I had a contract with the federal government that would allow me to then come in and train their employees.”

With companies taking corporate wellness more seriously, implementation in office programs now allow employees to take their personal fitness into their own hands while at work–this allowed Holloway to utilize and profit from her once “dead midday hours.”

No matter your business or career interest, there are several ways for you to acquire additional income.

Holloway acknowledges that new entrepreneurial career moves can be frightening for some but maximizing profit is worthwhile in effort to build wealth. When approaching a new endeavor here are Holloway’s three big tips for making the entrepreneurship jump:

1. Plan as much as you can. I was systematic in my approach to opening my studio.

2. If you don’t know something, say so. I am always asking questions of other trainers, business owners, patrons, etc.

3. Mistakes happen. There are hits and misses. Get over it and recover quickly.