Black Santa Claus And Mrs Claus

Meet Mrs. and Mr. Black Santa Of Erie, Pennsylvania

Because everyone should be represented during the holidays.

The Woodards encourage fun, family, and togetherness this Christmas as Mrs. and Mr. Black Santa.

Alicia and Daren Woodard are the masterminds behind their family enterprise, Woodard Dynasty Entertainment, where they spread joy across Erie, Pennsylvania. The couple takes pride in pushing beyond the traditional white Santa role and providing more than just a lap to sit on. This is a business focused on spreading inclusivity.

“We want our Black Santa to represent our culture by giving the Ma and Pa feel and the auntie and uncle vibes,” said Alicia, a mother of four and step-mother of one, according to Erie Times-News. “Spreading inclusivity and having a similar and familiar face bring cheer is very important to us. We want our services to symbolize family and hope.”

To harness the Christmas spirit, Mrs. and Mr. Black Santa proudly don the red suit with signature familiar looks and unique personalities. They both grew up in Erie and don’t recall seeing a Black Santa. So, they attend various festivals and private parties where children and adults experience an interaction like none other. The Clauses approach families and shower children with hugs, craft activities, treats, balloons, and unlimited pictures.

The matriarch monitors the naughty list and the children’s queue. She also assists with tying shoelaces and ensuring healthy and positive mannerisms. Meanwhile, Mr. Black Santa, described as “silly,” has too much fun engaging in various packages.

Depending on the package details, prices range from $100 to $250 an hour.

Some of the experiences include:

  • Create and Paint: The Clauses offer a youthful, alcohol-free take on “paint and sip.”

  • Hot Chocolate with Santa experience: includes crafts like gingerbread men, holiday games and prizes, and peppermint-scented face paint.

  • Santa Secret Stop: For $25, you can expect a homebound visit from Mrs. and Mr. Black Santa for about 15 minutes. They will give a gift, pose for photos, and pick up letters to Santa. Sometimes, cookies are welcomed.

  • Private events: At some organization’s private events, the Clauses will pass out gifts provided by the organization.

Though these experiences have a price tag, the Woodards are passionate about giving back to the community in ways they’ve never seen themselves. They’re not just cheering in the holidays but also creating unforgettable fun and lasting memories as The Brown Clowns.