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Chicago News Anchor Allows Breast Cancer To Bring The Best Out Of Her

 Berlie joined NewsNation as an anchor in 2020 and would make a life-changing on-air announcement nearly four years later.

After publicly announcing her breast cancer diagnosis, Chicago-based news anchor Nichole Berlie is inspiring her viewers far and wide.

Late last year, in a courageous appearance on NewsNation, Berlie revealed that she was one of 300,000 U.S. women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2023. Berlie joined NewsNation as an anchor in 2020 and would make a personal live announcement nearly four years later. Since then, she shared how challenging it was to accept her new reality. Following the emotional testimony, Berlie went for chemotherapy treatment. And the marathon to beating cancer and “survivorHERhood” continues.


As a news anchor, Berlie is no stranger to the real-world realities of health scares and cancer diagnoses. When she received the life-changing news in October, during Breast Awareness Month, Berlie was gearing up for a live television segment, People reported. She was in disbelief because there were no apparent signs. But the doctors found a rare form of cancer in one breast.

“I had no pain, no lumps and no signs of anything being wrong. I just remember being in shock because my mammogram was fine,” Berlie told the magazine. “You think you are going to die. I thought my life was ending. That was my biggest struggle.”


Berlie is still committing to working in the office five days a week, exercising at the gym, and shopping for healthy food options. Ahead of losing her hair, she proudly rocked a bald look on and off the air with praise from her supportive viewers and coworkers.

“I hope that when people see me doing it gives them encouragement — to know that you can be diagnosed, and it does not mean that your life must come to an end or even come to a halt. I hope people see that I went through it and I’m OK, and hopefully, they can too,” said Berlie who had planned to donate her hair to the Locks of Love charity.


The mental battle often reported among cancer patients is no different for Berlie. So, she leans on two cancer support groups and attends therapy sessions. This breast cancer warrior is confident in her faith and intuition to help optimize her strength and positive spirit.

“And I do feel like it’s going to be OK. I know that I have the strength from within. And I think, for me, that has been the biggest change. I’m a lot stronger than I thought.”

“It’s difficult at first, but I want to hear about people who’ve gone through this and survived. That’s what is motivating me.”

On social media, Berlie’s followers and viewers send her prayers and warm wishes along the way.