Meet the Tech Twins Looking to Help 10,000 Founders

Twin brothers Troy and Travis Nunnally are creating a name for themselves by utilizing their skillsets in the tech space to teach marketing and sales strategies, software launch strategies, and mobile and web app development.

Troy Nunnally, Ph.D. is a technical co-founder, software launch specialist, and business strategist for technology startups. In 2009, he started Brain Rain Solutions, a product development and software company, which specializes in helping companies design, develop, and deploy mobile and web applications. Troy holds a doctorate in computer engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with a concentration in Network Security, Internet of Things, and Big Data.

In 2009, Travis co-founded Brain Rain Solutions along with his twin brother. He holds a master’s in mechanical engineering (concentrating in robotics) from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has worked with a multitude of startups and served as a consultant and developer for Monsieur, a smart cocktail drink dispenser, which has closed Series A funding of $2 million.

According to the Twin’s site, “they have worked with over 100 companies from tech startups to fortune 100 companies including AT&T, Mckesson, DoD, and PBS. With over $50 million in startup business valuations, 2 pending patents, and 20 years of combined experience in web/mobile apps and business development, their work speaks for itself as they continuously demonstrate dedication to the growth of tech startup companies.”

One tip that the Twins have for achieving your goals is starting with a SMART goal. “Research shows that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down,” says Troy Nunnally. SMART goals stand for, being specific, making them measurable, making sure they are attainable, keeping them relevant and making them time-bound. “If it meets this criterion, your goal will feel more tangible and you should be able to accomplish it more efficiently,” Nunnally continues.

Both reside in Atlanta. Their goal is to help 10,000 founders creatively grow their business by 2020.