Meet the 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Opened a Coffee Shop for People with Disabilities

At just age 9 years old, Camden Myers is not only an entrepreneur but he is also the founder of Cam’s Coffee Creations. The North Carolina native just opened the coffee shop, debuting it to his community for the first time.

Myer’s journey to becoming an owner of a coffee shop wasn’t an easy one but it did serve as an inspiration for what makes Cam’s Coffee Creations unique.

According to, when Myer was born, he suffered trauma to his brain and as a result, has had to overcome the challenges of having development issues with social and learning skills. Through his personal experience dealing with these obstacles, Myer had the idea to also provide job training opportunities to people who have special needs like himself.

The fact that the staff of Cam’s Coffee Creations is made up of students from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools who have disabilities is what sets it apart from other cafes. These students were trained by Myers and hired to serve customers in the community.

Cam’s Coffee Creations initially started as an online store before it became a pop-up shop that only sold coffee. It didn’t take long for the pop-up shop to become a shop with a grand opening at its first location at Green Tree Community Center in his hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Now aside from serving world-class brewed coffee, Cam’s Coffee Creations also sells delicious baked goods made from BeSpoke Confections, a company where employees all have autism.

Moving forward, Myers desires to open more locations as well as a mobile coffee shop.

As he states, “I like helping people. I like working. I like making money and I like donating money. I like donating money to people who don’t have houses or food.”