Nailed It! Meet The Black Woman Behind The Nail Polish Line For People Of Color

The founder of a Black-owned nail polish brand wants you to try her special shades that are sure to make your brown skin pop when it’s time to switch up your nail color.

People of Color, founded by Jacqueline Carrington, provides a line of nail polishes with color options that complement darker skin tones.

“Growing up, founder Jacqueline Carrington, never saw images of nail polish colors reflected on brown skin tones, which made her skip nail polish all together growing up,” the People of Color website shares. “It wasn’t until her three-year old daughter Monroe, at the time, started coming back from visits with her GiGi (grandma) with her nails painted, that Jacqueline had a newfound interest.”


During an interview with Good Morning America, Carrington discussed her specially designed polish shades and the inspiration behind the brand. Along with inspiration from her daughter, Carrington shared that she noticed the variations of brown skin in her family, and she was drawn towards colors that were a great match with different skin tones.


People of Color offers lines that have meanings behind each color, including the impact of Black culture in America, and a collection called For the Culture, with colors like Around the Way Girl (lime green) and Soul Glo (glowy orange).

Additionally, the brand celebrated women of color with their Queen collection, which provided colors inspired by and named after queens Moremi, Lili’uokalani, Makeda, Rani Chennamma, and Anacaona.

Carrington has a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, with a major in Lodging and Resort Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). She has six years of experience working in the hospitality industry, following six years working in the property management industry, before she transitioned in October 2019 to pursue People of Color full-time.