Meet The Woman Behind The Startup Aimed To Fight World Hunger And Climate Change

Climate change has posed a serious threat to our future with the rising temperatures and unpredictable natural catastrophes causing massive devastation to communities around the globe. This is also impacted by our mass meat industry and sourcing for common food consumer purchases. One entrepreneur has founded a new company that uses science to create a healthy meat alternative that helps the environment and can solve hunger for thousands of people who are considered food insecure.

Dr. Lisa Dyson is the founder and CEO of Air Protein, a technology company focused on feeding the world’s population with food made from the most sustainable protein made from elements found in the air using a proprietary probiotic production process. She is one of the few African American women entrepreneurs in the sustainable food and technology sectors. The scientist and entrepreneur holds a Ph.D. in physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is the fourth black woman to achieve a Ph.D. in theoretical high energy physics.

“Our mission is to create the most sustainable type of meat in order to feed the growing population with minimal resources,” Dr. Dyson tells Forbes. “By 2050 we are expected to reach 10 billion people, resulting in a 70% increase in the demand for food production.”

Dr. Dyson breaks down the technology behind the protein and its potential impact on world hunger in a 2016 TED Talk. She credits her business sense from her father who was also a businessman. “My dad was an entrepreneur… he ultimately was the president of a chain of 55 hair salons, so entrepreneurship is kind of in my blood,” she explains. “Growing up in his shadow, I got to see firsthand the joy of having ideas turn into business realities. I also got to see the myriad of other aspects of entrepreneurial life, including carrying the weight of many on one’s shoulders and how to deal with setbacks, which are guaranteed to come.”