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Megan Thee Stallion Throws Shade At Spotify And Nicki Minaj In Instagram Live

Megan Thee Stallion takes shot at Spotify and alludes to Nicki Minaj's lyrics regarding Tory Lanez in a provocative Instagram Live.

Megan Thee Stallion threw shots in a new rant about what’s next for her musically. The rapper appeared to want smoke with Spotify and allegedly Nicki Minaj while on Instagram Live on Dec. 23.

This upcoming release, commencing with her latest single, “Cobra,” will be her first project that completely follows her departure from her previous label, 1501 Certified Entertainment. The strained relationship between the company and Megan Thee Stallion reached its conclusion in October, with the Grammy winner’s attorney stating that both parties agreed upon a “confidential settlement.”

“I’m about to give everyone exactly what they have been looking for. Good or bad. Like if you have been calling for me, here I come. I’m coming,” stated the Houston native, as reported by Rap-Up.

Viewers also thought Megan’s sentiments referred to fellow emcee Nicki Minaj, who referred to Tory Lanez in her song “FTCU” with the lyrics “Stay in your Tory lane b-tch, I’m not Iggy.” Lanez was found guilty by a jury in Dec. 2022 of shooting Megan, who collaborated with Minaj before on the “Hot Girl Summer” remix, in a highly publicized trial.

As for Spotify, the platform where Megan Thee Stallion boasts over 23 million listeners monthly, the rapper stated that the app is essentially only for younger music streamers.

“I feel like you’re 15 if you use Spotify,” expressed the 28-year-old.

Megan’s true feelings came after her friend played “Put In On The Floor,” a song by Latto and Minaj’s rival Cardi B, via the platform. The Instagram Live gained significant traction, not only for her explicit claims but also for her twerking amid the shady rant.