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Memphis Bleek Reveals Jay-Z Had To Pay $50K To Leave A Miami Club

"We turned this club up in Miami upside down ... They made us pay 50 grand to leave. Hov had to pay 50 racks."

Brooklyn emcee Memphis Bleek was a recording artist on the Roc-A-Fella Records roster and the best friend of the co-CEO, Jay-Z, his childhood pal. In a recent interview, Bleek detailed an incident that pitted him and Jay-Z against a club owner in Miami who forced the businessman to fork over $50,000 just to leave the spot.

During a talk with DJ Superstar Jay of SiriusXM, Bleek gave notice to people who didn’t know the Hov (one of Jay-Z’s monikers), who became a laid-back billionaire, was a hothead with no problems fighting people in the club in his earlier days. Bleek reminisced about an incident when the “Hard Knock Life” rapper had to pay a club, along with some police officers, $50,000 in order to leave the venue.

“Y’all young ni**as never been through nothing until you turned the club upside down and they lock you IN the club, and you have to pay to leave, you ain’t really turned up,” Bleek told DJ Superstar Jay.

“We turned this club up in Miami upside down, my ni**a. They made us pay 50 grand to leave. Hov had to pay 50 racks, police, and everything, they extorted the f**k out of us. But we cracked heads, foreheads, faces. We was going crazy.”

Bleek remembered how he and Jay-Z were locked in the club with no way out but to pay the exorbitant fee.

“They locked the doors. We had to pay to get out! They shook us up. This was ‘Streets Is Watching’ Hov. See, they see billionaire dread Hov, they think my man ain’t got them hands. Hov will put knuckles on you! He’ll put them hard bottoms on your ass too.”

Bleek added that Jay was the cause of some of their fights back then as well.

“He used to start trouble too. All that Cristal, ni**a, he was on some sh**. Just know that. Hov was on some shit. All this laidback, cool Beyoncé Hov? I love it, but back then he was on some sh**.”

Luckily for Jay Z, he got all that silliness out the way so he could become the successful entrepreneur he is today.

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