Men’s Shop Named After Longtime Democratic Lawmaker Receives $330,000 In COVID Funds

Men’s Shop Named After Longtime Democratic Lawmaker Receives $330,000 In COVID Funds

Men in Franklin County will get a chance to receive some new threads thanks to a large clothing donation from the late husband of U.S. Rep. Joyce Beatty.

Otto Beatty Jr. was a longtime Democratic lawmaker and community activist in Ohio who died last year.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that after Beatty’s passing, County Commissioner Kevin Boyce reached out to the organization Impact Community Action to honor his mentor. Beatty’s family agreed to donate his extensive suit collection, including shirts, ties, and shoes.

“This pandemic has been devastating, particularly to communities of color, and we want to help with that recovery effort by getting people back to work,” Impact CEO Robert “Bo” Chilton told The Columbus Dispatch.

“Now we’re able to take this to another level by bringing that service in-house at Impact, where not only will people be able to receive an outfit that will make them feel good, make them feel powerful, but they’ll also receive the supportive services to remove employment barriers, so they can get back to work and earn a living wage.”

“Otto wholeheartedly believed that dressing in professional attire can change how a person feels about themselves and how they are perceived by others, and this is the vision that our family wishes to bring to the Otto Beatty Jr. Men’s Shop.” Congresswoman Joyce Beatty told ABC6.
The County’s COVID relief funds will be used for an expansion of the men’s shop at Impact and its operations for one year, according to Jenny Snapp, chief operating officer of the Franklin County Economic Development and Planning.