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Michael Cooper Criticizes LeBron James For Eating During A Preseason NBA Game

It’s NBA preseason basketball time, and some fans, spectators, and ex-players aren’t happy with the game’s star players. According to Sports Illustrated, former Laker Michael Cooper was critical when he observed LeBron James eating at the end of the Lakers bench.

Cooper said on an appearance of “The Showtime Podcast,” “I didn’t like it. I didn’t like that. Again, he’s LeBron James, but still, you got to have respect for the game man, man. He’s sitting over there. I don’t mind the guy eating, but go eat in the locker room, and then when you come out and be part of the team, not just sit at the end of the bench eating.”

James had just finished playing 18 minutes, tallying 12 points, two rebounds, and five assists when he must have gotten hungry. He went to the back, changed into street clothes, and began eating food at the far end of the bench.

Cooper, who won five titles alongside Magic Johnson as part of the Showtime Lakers, was not as amused as NBA Twitter was. 





Cooper’s comments align with those of Howard Eskin, a sideline reporter for sports radio 94 WIP who was critical of the Lakers swingman.

Eskin wrote, “Total lack of respect for the game and his teammates by LeFraud James. Also looks like he knows its wrong asking teammate to hide him. Surprised he didn’t ask for waiter service.”

Cooper, who never averaged over 12 points in a season, may be a five-time NBA champion, but he is certainly of a generation where public appearances matter. Much like Charles Barkley’s open disdain for “load management” or the practice of resting players to conserve their energy or lessen injury chances, Cooper believes in the integrity of the game.