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Micheal Jackson’s Estate Sued 14 Years After His Death As Alleged Victim Recants 2005 Statement

On the 14th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, the King of Pop’s estate is headed to trial for the late pop star allegedly molesting choreographer Wade Robson when he was a child.

Robson’s claims of being sexually abused by Jackson at his Neverland Ranch between the ages of 7 and 14 were cleared by the California Court of Appeal. Now Robson will head to trial to make his case, TMZ reports.

Robson is suing Jackson’s corporation MJJ Productions, Inc. despite MJJ lawyers saying the company was not legally obligated to protect Robson and could not control the “Billy Jean” singer. However, the Court of Appeal sided with Robson and now the case is headed for trial.

Many have discredited Robson’s claims as he testified in support of Jackson in 2005 when the famed singer was on trial for molesting another boy. At the time, Robson claimed he slept in the same bed as Jackson but was never assaulted.

However, in 2013, four years after Jackson’s death, Robson changed his story and said he was sexually abused by Jackson and the only reason he allegedly lied on the stand was due to “complete manipulation and brainwashing.”

Robson’s not the only one going after Jackson posthumously. James Safechuck filed a similar lawsuit against MJJ Productions and is likely gearing up to plead his case in court.

Robson and Safechuck had their accounts highlighted in the 2019 HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. They both had their original lawsuits dismissed due to the statute of limitations. But they were revived in 2020 after California amended its state law to give plaintiffs in child sex abuse cases more time to sue, NBC News reported.

Jackson’s attorneys have denied the abuse claims and called out HBO at the time the documentary was released claiming the network violated a non-disparagement agreement by broadcasting the documentary.

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