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Michigan ‘Hero’ Gunned Down After Confronting Suspected Pedophile In Restaurant

A Southeastern Michigan community is reeling after the tragic shooting death of “hero” Robert Lee after he reportedly confronted a suspected pedophile at a local restaurant. 

Robert, also known as Boopac Shakur, was shot Sept. 29 at Universal Coney Island in Pontiac, Michigan. The self-proclaimed “concerned citizen” reportedly confronted two men inside the restaurant and accused one unidentified man of being a pedophile. The 40-year-old father followed up the indictment by punching the person, and a fight ensued. The man brandished a knife while the second assailant pulled a gun, shooting Robert inside the Universal Coney Island. He later succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. 

Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and the Pontiac Gun Violence Task Force partnered to apprehend the suspects– ages 17 and 18. They were arrested Saturday night and will be arraigned next week. 

In January, the Oakland Press interviewed the brave Pontiac resident. Robert explained that his efforts to stop pedophiles and child predators in their tracks began by watching NBC’s Dateline “To Catch A Predator” segment with Chris Hansen. The father of three also revealed that Dads Against Predators inspired him to catch predators. To lure potential violators, Robert used his cell phone and social media sites.

“There’s a lot of kids out here and a lot of pedophiles. They could be people sitting next to you. I want to uncover as many as I can.”

Before the incident claimed his life, Robert boasted about helping to catch 82 alleged pedophiles. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard told the publication that while he understood why the family man pursued predators– he didn’t recommend the vigilante approach.

But he advised against citizens taking matters into their own hands. Robert’s Boopac Shakur videos also have led to four arrests, including another Oakland County deputy, Jared Salisbury. The 34-year-old former deputy was terminated from his post in September 2022 after being charged with accosting a child for immoral purposes. Jared had attempted to meet a 15-year-old girl for sex. 

Since Robert’s death, there’s been an outpour of love from supporters and family members alike on Facebook. 

On Sept. 30, a vigil was held at Universal Coney Island for the 40-year-old victim. 

Quin Lee has set up a GoFundMe on Robert’s family’s behalf. The $30,000 goal is roughly 10% complete. Quin explained that proceeds would go to his daughter, Ah’vyana.

“Funds raised will be dedicated to ensuring [Ah’vyana’s] future is secure, providing her with the opportunities and education that Robert dreamt of for her. Together, let’s stand united and show our love for a true hero and offer solace and assistance to his precious daughter.”

Our prayers go out to Robert’s family.