Middle School Teacher Turned Self-Made Millionaire Helping Black Authors Become 6-Figure Storytellers

Middle School Teacher Turned Self-Made Millionaire Helping Black Authors Become 6-Figure Storytellers

Jasmine Womack, an Atlanta-area mom and former middle school teacher, has earned over a million dollars on a single platform by coaching and selling books.

Recognized by digital content creation tech company, Kajabi, she’s now holding in-person intensives to show others how to do the same so that they can share their skills and earn thousands as self-published authors.

Jasmine admits her path to success was met with some obstacles she had to overcome in her personal and professional life, and even though she loved her teaching career, she desired a switch because she was overwhelmed and burned out. After writing her first book, she learned to navigate and market with digital platforms and made $5,000 in pre-sales alone. This led her to host her own online workshop, offer business and coaching services and earn $125,000 within a year.

“I went full time into entrepreneurship and one day, I clicked into my Kajabi portal and saw in that outlet alone, that I had crossed the million dollar mark,” recalled Womack who generated nearly $1.5 million from writing, speaking, and coaching in other online spaces.

“This started out as me wanting to spend more time with my husband and children instead of being burned out from work and now, I feel as if I am breaking strongholds, shifting mindsets, restoring faith, and helping people become the best versions of themselves while sharing their stories.”

Womack was so inspiring, Kajabi highlighted her as a Top 10 Black History Month Hero in 2022 about a year after her book, Published and Paid: Write, Self Publish and Launch Your Nonfiction Book In 90 Days Or Less was released.

As an executive coach and writing consultant, Womack notes that she doesn’t work with everyone. This is the reason she launched her free Make An Empact group on Facebook, and her paid Author Made Easy Bootcamp®. In October, she also challenges authors in person during her three-day retreat for aspiring and published authors, speakers, and personal and professional development coaches who are ready to lay the foundation to write a best-selling book and build a six-figure online coaching business.

Womack, who was raised by her teen mother and stepfather, said that she had always felt a connection to writing and publishing. As a college student, she met a long-lost cousin from her father’s side who informed her that in 1921, her paternal great-grandmother, Mary Lena Lewis Tate, was one of the first Black women in the U.S. to own a publishing company.

“That was a defining point in my life because I realized the call on my life was already destined in my bloodline,” said Womack.

“My ancestor created her publishing company to have material for ministry as she founded the Holiness Church. And here I am, all these years later, having been disconnected from that side because I didn’t know my father that well, still fulfilling her legacy and creating my own.”

Womack said that she encourages the people she works with to understand that their books and programs are not just about them doing something but creating a legacy for themselves and their families as she did for her children.

“It’s not just about showing people how to create their bankable books and products but about shifting their mindsets to see the importance of creating the life that they desire,” she said.

“It’s about total transformation and leaving a mark.”

For more information and to attend her programs, visit JasmineWomack.com.

This article first appeared on Blacknews.com.