Missouri Prosecutor Wesley Bell Wants Dibs At The Senate Seat In 2024

Black Democrat and Missouri prosecutor attorney Wesley Bell wants Republican Sen. Josh Hawley’s seat.

The leader in criminal justice reform gave his reasons for wanting to be elected to the statewide office. Among them, Bell said in a campaign video, “We need leaders who try to help — unlike Josh Hawley, who’s in a rush to be famous and pretending to be tough while showing the world how weak he really is,” said the attorney, 48, referencing a viral photograph of Hawley. The Republican senator was captured on camera on the anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021, riots raising his fist, according to NBC News. The gesture was meant to symbolize solidarity with Trump supporters at the Capitol.

The prosecutor was a key figure in the protests that followed the tragic death of Michael Brown. Bell proclaimed it was a “turning point” for him. He told the Associated Press, “When the city, the region, the country seemed like it was ready to explode, I helped calm tensions between police and protesters.” He said in his campaign video that he was raised to take responsibility for making a difference in the world. The Democrat expressed how he served on the front lines after Brown was killed. The St. Louis County native physically positioned himself between residents and police to mediate. He said, “In Ferguson, that meant trying to help calm tensions between police and protestors.”

Bell’s father was a police officer, and according to his campaign website, Bell has taken the lead to ensure law enforcement is held accountable. His efforts have included creating a violent crimes unit dedicated to domestic violence, an auto theft task force, and the North County Police Cooperative. His expansion of diversion programs for “low-level, non-violent offenders struggling with mental health issues and opioid and substance abuse disorders” succeeded at a 90% rate.