Mixtape Platform Spinrilla Forced to Shut Down And Pay $50M for Copyright Infringement

Mixtape Platform Spinrilla Forced to Shut Down And Pay $50M for Copyright Infringement

The popular mixtape platform Spinrilla has been ordered to shut down and agreed to pay $50 million in piracy damages to RIAA-backed music labels.

Ahead of what looked like was turning into a trial, Spinrilla accepted a settlement and voluntarily submitted an “offer of judgment” to the court after the popular website and app were found liable of copyright infringement, Torrent Freak reports.

Last week a clerk signed off on the proposed judgment at a US District Court in Georgia that ends the six-year-long legal battle between Spinrilla and music companies. Spinrilla caught a break with the $50 million settlement considering the $600 million in damages the company could’ve been liable for if the case went to trial and a jury found its 4,082 copyrights were willful.

The settlement comes over two years after US District Court Judge Amy Totenberg ruled in December 2022 that Spinrilla was indeed liable for direct copyright infringement of 4,082 copyrighted sound recordings that were streamed at least once through Sprinrilla’s website or app.

“Judgment shall be entered in favor of Plaintiffs and against Defendants jointly and severally in the amount of $50,000,000, inclusive of any recoverable costs and attorneys’ fees,” the judgment reads.

In addition to the hefty payout, Spinrilla will have to shut down its website and apps across iOS and Android. The company and its founder Dylan Copeland are also prevented from offering the service and must shut down all operations within five days.

“[Defendants are restrained from] operating the Spinrilla Service or any other website, platform, system, or application that Defendants (or either of them) own or control, directly or indirectly, that is substantively similar to the Spinrilla Service,” the judgment reads.

“Defendants shall have five (5) days from notice of entry by the Court of this Offer of Judgment to come into compliance with the terms set forth in the preceding paragraph without being in violation of said judgment.”

As for the Spinrilla domain name, that will get handed over to the music companies who will be receiving the $50 million settlement.

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