BE Modern Man: Meet “The Biotech Community Liaison” Christopher Chauncey Watson

Name: Christopher Chauncey Watson

Profession: Community Liaison at a Biotechnology Company

Age: 33

One word that describes you: Visionary

Christopher Chauncey Watson has a huge responsibility on his shoulder and is ready and willing to carry the load. Every day he sets out to meet one objective and that is to build capacity and workforce development to increase and optimize health literacy around chronic diseases.

Healthcare is a major focus area of discussion particularly in underserved communities throughout the country. While these large disparities exist, Watson understands how critical his role is in providing accurate communication to the community.

“Being positioned to help and motivate others to become their best selves is what wakes me up,” Watson tells BE Modern Man. “Celebrating uniqueness among other individuals is important to move health literacy forward.”

Being the middleman who provides important information between key stakeholders and the community is no easy task. You must be able to absorb highly complex health information on one end, and provide it to non-health professionals in language that speaks to them on another.

Watson is effectively delivering the message. He says, “having CEOs, medical directors, and larger communities genuinely appreciate the support you can provide to build better healthcare delivery systems lets me know I am doing things right. Being able to impact and change healthcare delivery systems, particularly for communities of color has always been a passion.”

This passion has allowed Watson to make an impact among his peers. Never conforming to societal norms, yet humble enough to know that his work is greater than him is what sets Watson apart.

“Being different can often be a lonely world, but it’s a confidence builder toward self-actualization.”