More Over Netflix, There's a New Documentary Streaming Service in Town
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More Over Netflix, There’s a New Documentary Streaming Service in Town

Image via CuriosityStream

No matter what streaming service you’re committed to, the documentary section never disappoints. In order to minimize all the time you spend picking out what to watch, the CuriosityStream HD Plan: Lifetime Subscription will deliver instant favorites every time.

Thousands of the world’s best documentaries have come to one platform to give you a lifetime of entertainment. For $149.99, you have access to the best of nature, history, science, space, technology, and more through immersive experiences.

Experts like David Attenborough and Michio Kaku grace your TV screens to virtually sit down through storytelling. It’s no high school lecture material, but content that will capture your attention.

Furthermore, if you need something to keep the kiddos busy, there’s even a dedicated section.


Are you always on the go? CuriosityStream can come along as you download shows–even the HD options are available on multiple devices.

Notably, it’s top-notch viewing with top-notch reviews–the platform currently boasts a 4.7 star review in the Apple Store and 4.3 on Google Play.

The CuriosityStream HD Plan is available for just $149.99 (down from $250) in the Black Enterprise Shop for a limited time, as a lifetime subscription that’ll stimulate your brain for years to come.

Prices subject to change.