Morehouse Graduate, Morehouse College's graduation ceremony

Morehouse Graduate Thanks Incarcerated Uncle For Taking Out A Loan To Help Him Pay Tuition, ‘It Really Takes A Village’

A Morehouse graduate thanks his incarcerated uncle for taking out a loan that helped him obtain his degree.

A 2024 graduate of the prestigious Morehouse College went viral after thanking his incarcerated uncle for taking out a loan that helped him obtain his degree.

The 140th Morehouse graduation ceremony took place on Sunday, May 19, when President Joe Biden was present to deliver his commencement speech to the graduating class. Among those crossing the stage was a first-generation graduate who thanked an incarcerated loved one for helping to ensure his educational future.

Identified as @dmacblast on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Morehouse grad shared a tweet with photos from the ceremony thanking his incarcerated uncle for helping him pay off the last of his tuition and secure his college degree.

“Last one, but in order to finish my senior year my incarcerated Uncle took a loan out in his name to pay the remainder off of what I couldn’t,” he wrote. “Wouldn’t have graduated without him, it really takes a village.”

The tweet received nearly 25,000 likes, 2,000 reposts, and 300 saves from a community that applauded the graduates’ uncle for supporting his nephew’s education even from behind bars.

“Congratulations!!! It really does take a village,” one person wrote.

“Nothing like a good uncle. Congratulations!” added someone else.

However, some criticized the situation and questioned the uncle’s ability to obtain a loan while in prison rather than sending congratulatory messages.

“Don’t want to take away from that Morehouse Man graduating but wym they let inmates take out federal loans?? How an inmate had better credit than his parents?? I have so many questions,” one person asked.

The graduate replied to the question and explained why his uncle needed to co-sign a loan that his mother, who had him at a young age, couldn’t obtain on her own.

“Life happens, and not everyone is fortunate enough… My mom had me when she was still a baby,” he wrote. “A Federal Plus Parent loan is different than a regular loan. If your parents both don’t qualify you are able to get a co-signer. You don’t need income to qualify for a plus loan.”

When one person explained their confusion about whether or not the graduate’s uncle could take out a loan while incarcerated, the Morehouse graduate explained why it shouldn’t matter.

“The question shouldn’t be how my incarcerated family member was able to get a loan for my education, but rather why there isn’t resources put into institutions for those less fortunate to be able to achieve the same things of those with the right resources,” he wrote.

The Morehouse graduate shared an initial tweet expressing his pride in becoming the first college graduate in his family.