Morgan State Postpones All Homecoming Activities Due To Campus Shooting

According to a report by The Charlotte Observer, Morgan State University has decided to cancel or postpone all homecoming activities in the wake of a shooting incident on its campus.

Morgan State University President David K. Wilson announced the decision on Wednesday, following an earlier incident that left multiple individuals wounded.

In a statement to the press, Wilson expressed deep regret as he conveyed the university’s historic decision, saying, “Regarding Homecoming, regrettably, for the very first time in Morgan’s history, all activities planned around Homecoming will be either canceled or postponed until the perpetrator(s) of this atrocity have been found and brought to justice.”

Canceling homecoming activities is a somber step in response to the recent shooting. Among the postponed activities are popular events such as The Homecoming Concert, Silent Headphones Party, Homecoming Pep Rally, Homecoming Parade, and all other on-campus events, including the Lady Bear Volleyball match.

However, it’s essential to note that the postponement seeks to ensure justice is served while the Morgan State University community heals. Postponed annual activities associated with homecoming include the Homecoming Football Game and the MSU 39th Annual Homecoming Gala.

The decision to postpone the football game is significant, considering it was scheduled to feature a matchup against Stony Brook on Saturday. The announcement of a makeup date for the game is yet to be made, leaving football fans in anticipation.

Furthermore, in a statement from Wilson, he shared the meticulous consideration and emotional deliberation involved in reaching the decision. Key stakeholders within the university community, including members of his administration, student leaders from the Student Government Association, and the University Council, contributed to the decision process.

In addition to the homecoming cancellations and postponements, another significant measure was taken due to the unfortunate events. All classes for the week have been canceled, emphasizing the severity and impact of the situation on the Morgan State University community.

This unprecedented decision serves as a reminder of the weight of the situation faced by the university. While homecoming has always been a time for celebration and unity, it carries a heavy shadow that calls for justice, healing, and reflection this year.