Mother Speaks Out After 15-year-old ‘Mentally Ill’ Son Destroyed Her Home

Mother Speaks Out After 15-year-old ‘Mentally Ill’ Son Destroyed Her Home

The damage inside this woman’s home was not caused by a natural disaster.

A video posted on social media, showing what was reportedly a 15-year-old boy damaging his mother’s house after she took his phone, quickly went viral.

The video shows the inside of the woman’s home in destruction. Viewers were able to see what was allegedly a broken marble countertop, a hole punched in a door, a knocked-over refrigerator, and a busted table and a window, among so much more damage. Many thought the boy was 12, but the mother spoke out to correct his age and admit that he was 15.

According to sources, the mother, Charmaine Yarde, clarified that her son is actually not 12 years old, but a 6-ft tall, 270-pound, 15-year-old who suffers from mental health problems. She explained that he has dealt with this since early childhood and that taking away the phone was not the reason for her son’s outburst.

“This apartment, I have to fix this, and it’s not son is six feet tall [and] he’s not 12, he’s 15. He’s 270 pounds, so no, I couldn’t spank him, and he’s mentally ill,” she said.

The mother revealed that the video had allegedly been leaked after she sent it to one of her friends. She expressed words of hurt in the post, saying, “It just sucks that I trusted someone and they sent the video out. Everyone is seeing my hurt.”

After watching the video, social media users had a lot to say about what they saw. 

“Idk I’m not going to record a video, sniffling and crying for sympathy just for strangers to tell me to beat my son,” someone wrote on Twitter. “I would reflect on my parenting and get the boy some help. No sane person rages that long and destroys their own home over a phone.”

Another user wrote, “Seems to me her son should be institutionalized…it doesn’t appear the mom is equipped to manage him on her own…safely. And I mean no disrespect I mean that for the welfare of everyone involved.”

Some comments showed empathy for the mother and her situation after she posted the follow-up video, including one tweet that said, “Oh sweetie, I’m so very sorry, mental illness isn’t a joking matter, impacting every aspect of the ill person’s life along with all those who care for them. I hope this mom and her family will receive much needed help.”

A user from Instagram shared, “This pain is real. Beyond the destruction of her home, is the destruction of her heart. The confusion one feels between wanting to help your child and realizing your not “safe” is inexplicable! Prays and Love 💕 to this mother.”

According to sources, a GoFundMe has been created by the mother’s best friend in a plea for assistance with the damages.