#MotivationMonday – 5 Tips to Get Summer Ready

#MotivationMonday – 5 Tips to Get Summer Ready

You know what today is so you know what time it is–time for some motivation.

Surely, you’ve noticed that it’s heating up outside. Summer is upon us.

We anticipate summer from the start of winter, yet it always seems to always catch us off guard when it’s finally here. That can’t happen this year.

Yes, we’re a little late as summer starts less than a month from now, June 20, but that’s better than no time at all, so the effort starts today.

Here is what you need to do to get summer ready.

  1. Rediscover your sexy, whatever this means to you. Your sexy is out there, somewhere, waiting to be reclaimed. You shelved it in November and now it’s time to dust that thang off. Cut back on some things while picking up on others to get you right where you’d imagine you’d be in time for swimsuit season. I don’t exactly know what you should do to get yourself together, but you know … you already know.
  2.  Budget for travel. Again, we may be a little late here, but don’t let that discourage you! Start right now. Pack lunches this week, and the next and put those funds toward your summertime getaway(s). Groupon is currently offering freaking awesome deals on all-inclusive travel for as little as $449, including flight. There is still hope. Find a deal and get out there!
  3. Plan your social calendar. Your mind is already boggled from considering all the things popping this summer. Bubble buster: you can’t do it all. It really is just too much.  Starting now, find your must-dos and mark your calendar. You know what sucks? Saying “yes” to two equally dope events happening at the same time on a Saturday afternoon and having to choose which one you’ll grace with your presence. Be careful not to double book. Map out your schedule but leave room for spontaneity. You may not be able to do it all, but you can still do it right.
  4. Mind your skin. You’ve waited months and months to shed those layers and show off those arms and legs of yours. Now is your time. Get all the sun you can handle, but not without protection. Find a sunblock doting SPF 50 or higher and lather up. Don’t underestimate the importance of skin protection. Take care of it and it will take care of you.
  5. Surprise yourself. You only have a few short months to maximize on your summer experience. Do something remarkable. Whether it’s a local activity of an extended adventure, dare to live beyond your norm, this summer. The goal here is to look back on summer 2016 with a smile and a pat on your back. It came, you saw, you conquered.

It’s Monday and summer is right around the corner. Get into the groove.

As usual, consider yourself motivated. #MotivationMonday