UpMo Helps Small Businesses Retain Their Employees
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Moving Up, But Not Away

Promise Phelon, Founder & CEO of UpMo

In today’s marketplace, companies looking to hire and retain top talent are finding it difficult to do so because the cost of hiring and replacing valuable employees is high.

The 2011 Employee Engagement Report conducted by BlessingWhite, a workforce development consulting firm, revealed that the number of North American employees determined to leave their organization has nearly doubled since 2008. Thus, the onus is on large organizations to keep talented employees from jumping ship.

Enter UpMo (www.upmo.com), a Silicon Valley-based talent recommendation engine that helps enterprise-level companies retain talented employees who might be thinking of leaving for other opportunities. How? UpMo uses an employee’s social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) to create a profile that shows HR managers and recruiters where the employee would like to go in his or her career and if there are open positions that are of interest to that employee within the company. For the employee, it allows them to be up front about their career goals and to liaise with those who can help them to achieve those goals.

This helps employees move ahead and employers to recruit personnel internally who may have otherwise gone unnoticed. “We want to let people own, manage, and drive their careers,” says Promise Phelon, the company’s founder and CEO, who also started The Phelon Group, a management consulting company, before founding UpMo. “More people think about landing a job when they’re in between roles, but they think about their careers when they are actually in a job.”

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