Fitness Instructor ‘Mr Motivator’ Shares Perspective on Racism in Television

Fitness Instructor ‘Mr Motivator’ Shares Perspective on Racism in Television

TV personality Mr Motivator is not fond of the TV world. He believes so many people in positions of power lack respect for those who aren’t.

Derrick Evans, the Jamaican-born British fitness instructor better known as Mr Motivator, discussed his views on racism, etiquette, and TV stars in a recent interview with The Guardian.

According to the outlet, Mr Motivator, known for his infectious smile and psychedelic leotards, has stepped into his role as a life coach, helping people make the most of their later years and motivating those who have difficulty moving around.

“I think it’s the way I make people feel,” Evans said comparing his character to that of Maya Angelou.

He recalled the early years of his career and being faced with multiple rejections that he described as racially motivated.

“The first job I went for, I’d spoken to the guy on the phone beforehand,” Mr Motivator said.

“When I went in he looked at me and said: ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were Black?’ I said: ‘Because you didn’t tell me you were white.'”

“I said: ‘If that’s how we’re beginning, I don’t think I can work for you’–and I walked out,” he shared during the interview.

Mr Motivator grew bored of work and discovered his passion for fitness at Harrow Leisure Centre in 1983 when he observed two women leading a pop mobility fitness class.

“I was transfixed. That was my lightbulb moment.”

He realized his potential when he started his own classes that people were traveling for miles to attend because the demand for his motivation was so high. He informed the outlet that the fitness venture was very rewarding financially, noting that he is one of the most expensive personal trainers in the country.

“I learned the more expensive you are, the more demand there is for you,” he continued.

Evans shared the story that landed him on the UK breakfast television show, GMTV.

“One day I was sitting in reception at GMTV. This guy comes walking in with a large stomach, and I got up and prodded him in the belly. I said: ‘Excuse me mate. You need to look after that.'”

The man turned out to be GMTV boss Peter McHugh. Mr Motivator brought him an exercise bike the next day and visited his office the day after, hounding him to use the bike.

“After a lot of persuasion he said: ‘Yeah, OK, I will do it.’ We started training, and he said: ‘You need to be on television,'” Evans shared about the turning point in his career.

Still, he faced rejection again that was racially motivated.

“He said: ‘We’ve checked with the advertisers and they don’t really want a Black man doing fitness. It had to be a white woman with two kids.’ They felt that was the right image,” Evans said McHugh told him.

Daily Mail reported that Mr Motivator is set to embrace his inner drag queen alongside other celebrity cast members including Chris Hughes and Simon Gregson. The cast will master the disciplines of drag through singing, dancing, lip syncing, comedy, impressions, and drag magic—AKA Dragic.

Queens for the Night will air Saturday, November 5 at 8.30 p.m. on ITV and ITV Hub.