Murrieta, beauty supply store

California Woman Returns To Store After Stealing $600 Merchandise To Demand Return Of Dropped Phone

Two women in California went into a beauty supply store and stole expensive merchandise. One of them decided to go back after discovering she’d left her phone behind, and demanded that the employees return her property. When her phone wasn’t turned over, she assaulted the store owner. Both women were arrested a short time later by Murrieta police officers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 24-year-old Kaydrianna Hall and her accomplice, 19-year-old Serenadi Banks, were arrested by police officers about a mile from the store and outside a home. The two were seen on surveillance footage pretending to shop for supplies; as they approached the register to check out, they made a run for the exit. One of the women dropped her iPhone, which had her driver’s license and credit card, inside its case, according to police.

The woman returned to the store to retrieve her possessions, and the workers refused to hand over the items. They even said they would return it to her in return for the $600 worth of stolen goods, but she declined. That is when she hit the store owner and fled again.

The Murrieta Police Department posted about the incident, which occurred on Sept. 19, on its Facebook page.

“Last week, two women walked into a nail supply store just after noon. After they found what they wanted, they proceeded to walk right out the front doors, failing to pay for the now stolen merchandise.

“Believe it or not, one of the suspects returned just minutes later and told the store employees to return her phone that she had dropped when stealing from the store. #YoureKiddingRight The phone also had her California Driver License and credit card inside the phone case. #YupThatsHer.”

The post then says that the woman had her charge bumped from simple theft to robbery.

When the police officers caught up to the women, they found the stolen items in their vehicle, in plain sight. That’s when both were arrested on numerous charges, according to the police.

“Thankfully, the injuries to the store owner were minimal. For sure woulda been easier to just buy the products with the credit card that was in the phone case. 🤷🏽‍♀️


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