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Music Producer Clinton ‘D-Billz’ Dorsey Shot And Killed In Familial Argument

Clinton, a known Atlanta music producer, was allegedly killed by his son in a dispute over their family business.

Edward Dorsey, the son of a prominent Atlanta music producer, has been arrested for fatally shooting his father during a family dispute. The shooting took place on the morning of May 2 inside an Arium Lenox Apartment in Brookhaven, police confirmed.

The 2100 block of Gables Drive was swarmed with police after reports of a shooting were called in. The authorities identified the victim as Clinton Dorsey, a 48-year-old better-known in the Atlanta music industry under the name “D-Billz.”

Clinton’s business partner, Kal Austin, reported that D-Billz was with his son Edward — who was visiting him at his apartment. Austin recalled stepping out of the apartment for just a moment when father and son got into a heated argument. 

Brookhaven police said Edward Dorsey had a gun at this time.

Brookhaven Police Sgt. John Clifford said, “That argument turned to being physical, and that turned to Mr. Dorsey, retrieving a firearm, and shooting Clinton Dorsey.” 

As reported by Fox 5 Atlanta, Clinton and Edward were arguing over the family business of dog breeding, and the argument escalated into a physical altercation. 

When the argument turned physical, “the son went and retrieved a semi-automatic pistol and shot and killed Mr. Dorsey,” Sgt. John Clifford told the outlet. Police placed Edward under arrest and charged him with voluntary manslaughter.

Austin expressed, “It was a situation that went too far, but that was probably something that was deeply rooted in their relationship as father and son.” 

Clinton Dorsey has worked with many artists, both established and emerging, in his producer career. Notably, he’s collaborated with artists like “BRS Kash, Lil Baby, Da Baby, City Girls, YFN Lucci, Fatt Sosa, VL Deck, Peewee Longway, Jose Guapo, Rich Da Khid, Khaotic, and more,” according to WSB-TV Atlanta.

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