6 Musical Geniuses Whose Careers Have Made It to the Classroom


Holding one of the leading spots on Forbes’ Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists list, the making of the Diddy brand and the many business ventures attached are definitely worth examining. Thanks to the Clive Davis Institute of Recording Music and New York University, NYU students will have the opportunity to figure out how Diddy went from a young boy in the streets of Harlem to one of the biggest moguls in music history.

“No single personality dominated the landscape of urban mainstream popular culture in the 1990s (and since) more than producer, rapper and entrepreneur Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs,” reads a course description. “By 2013, hip hop and black culture have become globally mainstream; the immense popularity that hip hop enjoys today is directly rooted in the profound cultural changes that Combs and his peers instigated.” 

The class, titled “Topics: Sean Combs and Urban Culture,” will be taught by Jayson Jackson, former VP of Marketing and Promotion at Bad Boy.