It’s Still a Job: Top Most Annoying Myths About Working From Home

It’s Still a Job: Top Most Annoying Myths About Working From Home

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It seems to be every worker’s dream to be able to work from home —or anywhere other than the office for that matter. There’s freedom, convenience and other perks that are afforded those who actually do it, not dream about it. But there’s also myths that many believe about the ease of working from home that can not only be annoying to address, but downright insulting.

Brazen Careerist details top questions and quips people who work from home often hear from those who don’t have the luxury of doing so:

“Why can’t you [meet for lunch/run this errand/bake a million cupcakes for the bake sale]? You’ve got the whole day off!”

Just because freelancers and entrepreneurs have more control over their hours, that doesn’t mean they have tons of free time to burn. It’s taken months for my husband to realize that bad things will happen if he tries to play the “But I’ve been working all day!” card when I tell him I don’t have time to do whatever errand he wants on one of my freelance days.

It’s true that it’s easier for me to book doctors’ appointments with my freelance days open, and it’s true that I get to drink my coffee while watching Live! With Kelly and Michael as my office mates are sitting down to their desks for the day. But I still have a long list of projects to get to, and I need to be as disciplined as I can with my time to get them all done, and done well.

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