Armed Man’s Robbery Attempt Is Foiled By Unfazed Customers

Armed Man’s Robbery Attempt Is Foiled By Unfazed Customers

An unidentified man attempted to rob an Atlanta nail salon, threatening patrons with a weapon and was met with absolutely unbothered energy. In the face of the attempted robbery, every patron in the salon seemed to ignore him. 

The incident, caught on surveillance video, occurred on July 3 on Piedmont Road in Atlanta. The cameras showed a man bursting into the salon with his hand inside a bag as if he had a weapon. He screamed at the women inside to hand over all of their valuables. He yelled, “Everybody get down! Give me your money! Give me your money!”

Only one person responded to his demands, although she didn’t seem intimidated. A woman stood up and put her hands up; the unidentified man took her phone from her, and she turned away and walked out of the front door. After obtaining the cell phone, the man threatened the nail salon patrons, demanding cash.

He even approached a male employee and demanded something from him directly. He just answered the phone ringing behind the counter and walked away.

With no one paying attention to him, the man quickly gave up on his attempted robbery and left. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, authorities said the robbery suspect fled the scene in a silver sedan. There’s currently up to a $2,000 reward for any tips that lead to the arrest and indictment of the man in the video from Crime Stoppers. The man was shown wearing a blue hat, sunglasses, and blue pants when he walked into the nail salon. 

Following the viral CCTV footage, Atlanta police advised against behaving as the people in the salon did. Although staying calm is recommended, the Atlanta police suggest complying with the demands of someone trying to rob you. Giving away your valuables is the best way to handle a potentially dangerous robbery.