Natural Hair Care Entrepreneur Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Expansion Project in Philadelphia to Create a Path to Wealth for Entrepreneurs

Master stylist Syreeta Scott is looking to expand and create a path to wealth for other entrepreneurs throughout her North Philadelphia community.

The Philly native is the CEO of Duafe Holistic Hair Care and has unveiled plans for a multi-million dollar expansion project that she envisions will shake up the natural hair care industry.

Scott, 48, is considered a legend in the natural hair space by many, with more than 20 years in the business.

(Image: Syreeta Scott braiding client hair / Duafe Holistic Hair Care)

Her client list includes Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Ava DuVernay, Sonya Sanchez, Smokey Robinson, Questlove, Les Nubians, and Vivian Green.

Scott plans to demolish Duafe‘s current building located on the 3100 block of N. 22nd Street to create a four-story facility with 6,000 sq. ft.

(Image: Duafe Holistic Hair Care multi-million dollar expansion project / 24/7 Design Group)


(Image: Duafe Holistic Hair Care multi-million dollar expansion project / 24/7 Design Group)

With a $3.5 million development budget, funded by a combination of loans and community-based lending organizations, the commercial space will house 26 salon suites.

The salon suites will be owned by individual stylists and will provide an educational training center for aspiring hair professionals.

“A large part of the project is the education and training component,” said Scott.

“The company will continue to hire from nearby technical schools, Dobbins and Mercy Tech, investing in the community and offering classes in natural hair techniques, such as braiding, locs and twists, and business ethics.”

The building will also serve as a holistic healing space for others, including massage therapy, reiki, and herbology.

In addition, the new planned structure will feature nine affordable luxury housing units that will focus on Scott’s mission of improving and benefiting her Philadelphia community.

“We’re calling this a business incubator for natural hair care,” Scott added.

“We are teaching people how to become entrepreneurs, and we’re engaging the community. The goal of this new chapter of my business is to help men and women create their own legacy under the umbrella of Duafe.”

Scott says Duafe is known for a consistent product and wants to uphold that standard and teach the next generation.

“I’m an activist at heart. Duafe is about teaching the people around me the business,” she added.

Construction and demolition are expected to begin in early 2023, with an anticipation of two to three years for completion.

“The hope is that we’re not just creating jobs. We’re creating stability,” Scott said.

“We’re fostering entrepreneurship and financial independence. We’re helping people create their legacy!”