Black Sports Agents Are Closing Deals And Making History With Top 10 Draft Picks For 2023

This year’s 2023 NBA Draft (which took place in New York City at the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets) was one for the record books! For the first time in history and in any sport, the top 10 players selected in the draft were represented by Black agents, according to an Instagram post by Diverse Representation.

    1. Victor Wembanyama- San Antonio Spurs (Represented by Comsportt’s Bouna Ndiaye)
    2. Brandon Miller- Charlotte Hornets (Represented by SAI Sports Management’s Wilmer Jackson)
    3. Scoot Henderson- Portland Trail Blazers (Represented by Par-Lay Sports and Entertainment’s Steve Haney)
    4. Amen Thompson- Houston Rockets (Represented by G.A.P.P. Sports Group’s Troy Thompson)
    5. Ausar Thompson- Detroit Pistons (Represented by G.A.P.P. Sports Group’s Troy Thompson)
    6. Anthony Black- Orlando Magic (Represented by WME Sports’ Bill Duffy)
    7. Bilal Coulibaly- Washington Wizards (Represented by Comportt’s Bouna Ndiaye)
    8. Jarace Walker- Indiana Pacers (Represented by WME Sports’ Bill Duffy and Joe Branch)
    9. Taylor Hendricks- Utah Jazz (Represented by I AM Sports & Entertainment’s Raymond Brothers)
    10. Cason Wallace- Oklahoma City Thunder (Represented by Excel Sports Management’s Marcus MonkDiverse Representation also lists the players selected and the agency and/or agent that represents them.)

This NBA Draft also marked the first time twin brothers (Amen and Ausar Thompson) were selected in the top five selection of players. They were also selected back-to-back (the No. 4 and No. 5 draft picks), a feat that many believe may never be duplicated in any sport.

The Athletic also confirmed the Thompsons are not the only twins selected in the NBA Draft. That distinction occurred over 10 years ago when Marcus and Markieff Morris were picked. The two brothers were selected in 2011 as the No. 13 and No.14 picks that year.

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