NBA Player Launches Anti-Woke Clothing Line For Christians And Patriots

NBA Player Launches Anti-Woke Clothing Line For Christians And Patriots

Orlando Magic power forward Jonathan Isaac is taking yet another stand for his conservative views;  releasing a new clothing line specifically for Christians and patriots.

Issac, who infamously stood during the National Anthem while his other teammates took a knee, says Unitus will be a brand for the “unwoke.” The brand, which is slated to release in August, will be an alternative for those who have found themselves ostracized by pushes for diversity and inclusion around the country.

In a long tweet, the 25-year-old spoke on why he has chosen to distance himself from liberals who he feels have benefitted from the movements spawned by Black people but only seek to push harmful agendas.

“The real woke today are the people clinging to Christ and traditional values that truly lead to human flourishing. Those two things have no color!,” he said.

Though it’s unclear how the brand will specifically speak to more Christian values and patriotism, in a video posted to promote Unitus, the company aims to “[bring] people together over love of God and country.”

Issac says the sports and apparel brand means “freedom” to him and he believes he isn’t the only player who will speak up for traditional values.

“The hope is to be able to sign athletes across all different sports and to create a real infrastructure of people who are in the sports world,” he said. “Moms and dads who want to buy their kids sneakers and clothes but wanna give their money to a company that they know is going to work toward bolstering their values.”

Isaac hopes others will join him in not feeling the need to hide who they are or what they truly believe in an effort to remain popular.

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