NBA Referee Derek Richardson Buys Elementary School And Names It After His Mother

An elementary school in Inglewood, California will have its name changed after being purchased by NBA referee Derek Richardson.

On Monday, Richardson’s impactful investment was announced after the 26-year veteran NBA referee purchased the former K. Anthony School in Inglewood, CA. The school will now be named Dolores T. Richardson, after Derek’s late mother, according to a press release.

Richardson, a North Charleston native, chose to name the school after his late mother due to how she served as the first and most important teacher throughout his life, ABC News 4 reports.

The official reopening of the school under the Richardson name will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2022, at the school’s facility. The event will consist of a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, dedication, and an open house.

Along with serving nearly three decades in the NBA, Richardson is also the former Group Supervisor for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

His passion for education runs deep. The California State University Dominguez Hills alum worked for Los Angeles, County Department of Children and Family Services as a Group Supervisor before making his transition into the National Basketball Association.

After Hurricane Katrina, Richardson co-founded and became the Executive Director of Why Can’t We Make A Difference Foundation (WCWMAD) which assisted families with unforeseen challenges in their lives. In 2012, WCWMAD’s mission changed after Richardson visited an underserved elementary school in South Central Los Angeles.

The foundation’s mission elevated to provide academic and social enrichment programs to students in underserved and disenfranchised schools. WCWMAD has serviced thousands of children and families with enrichments in Art, Chess, Choir, Coding, Dance before school, Morning Mentoring, and Performing Arts.

Alongside a team of collaborative partners, the organization is able to assist families with Thanksgiving and Christmas Gift Cards, and outings that take families outside the immediate confines of the neighborhood to provide a broader life experience.

In 2021 WCWMAD collaborated with the Children’s Defense Funds Summer Freedom School where the students who participated in reading and comprehension levels increased by 66.7% from the six-week program.