Coach Dee Marshall Shows How to Network Your Way to Success

Are you an entrepreneur looking to gain new business? Or a professional striving to climb the proverbial ladder? Dee C. Marshall has some proven strategies that can help you network your way to success.

Dee C. Marshall


The founder of Raise the Bar L.L.C., Marshall is a speaker, coach, and author. “Bottom line, networking can either make or break your career or business,” she says. “You must master this soft skill if you want to win.”

Marshall gave us a quick nine-step plan, for those who want to become more effective networkers:

  1. Practice your elevator speech.
  2. Be strategic, but don’t push.
  3. Focus on three to five quality connections per event.
  4. Don’t try to sell at events.
  5. Listen more, talk less.
  6. Seek to learn more about the other person.
  7. Research before attending events.
  8. Connect via LinkedIn A.S.A.P.
  9. Write reminders on the back of business cards you collect.

Next week, Marshall will be facilitating the session Power Suite: Meet, Mix, Match, hosted by ADP, at the Women of Power Summit, March 9-12 in Phoenix. There, she’ll help professionals create a network of peers that will help them get to the C-Suite.

“Your peers extend your reach/network, and increase your knowledge bank account,” Marshall says, while explaining why it’s important to build your own Power Suite. “They are first-tier circle of influence that can make or break a deal. One day, they’ll be a decision maker or influencer in your path.”

Marshall joined Black Enterprise for a Twitter chat, on February 23, to share her tips. Whether you’re a novice at networking, or more experienced but looking to elevate your game, she’s got the goods to help you network your way to success.

Here are some of the highlights: