Networking, It’s an Action Word!

Networking, It’s an Action Word!

It can be overwhelming to get to know and keep up with your contacts, almost like a full time job. Although this may be the case it is essential to effective networking. Nurturing these relationships can lead to long term gain. Brazen Careerist highlights some tips on building and sustaining those networking relationships.

1. Network in all directions

When you’re at a networking event, reach out in as many directions as possible. This means reaching out to supposedly “downward” or “lateral” connections as much as you reach upwards.

A lot of people go to networking events and end up looking over the shoulder of the person they’re speaking to because they’re waiting to speak to someone more important. But you never know when a connection who’s not a big shot could help you out, so do your best to focus on getting to know whoever you’re talking to.

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