New Inpathy App COO Wants to Help People Find Balance, Elevate the Human Experience

New Inpathy App COO Wants to Help People Find Balance, Elevate the Human Experience

New social media apps are challenging the norms, creating safer online spaces for users to have more authentic experiences.

Kathryn Young, chief of operations officer at Inpathy, a social networking app designed to recreate the human experience, contributes to normalizing transparency and creating a safe space in the digital realm.

In an interview with The Black Wall Street Times, Young said that she never expected to see herself using her skills in mental health to contribute to the design and execution of a social media app.

Young spent 10 years working in mental health. While her original goals were set on becoming employed as a clinical social worker during the Obama administration, she ended up working a federal job at a U.S. military base in Japan.

That military job was where she found her “place,” offering innovative mental health services. Exercising her mental health skills enhanced her ability to problem solve and push people beyond what they were positioned to think.

“That’s how I connected with Inpathy’s mission. Because we’re trying to solve a problem that mental health is trying to solve,” Young said.

 Ziarekenya Smith, founder of Inpathy, is on a mission to help people find balance in their busy lives.

“Inpathy came to my mind because we need to create a more enjoyable, balanced, human-centered, and transparent platform,” Smith said in a 2021 interview with The Black Wall Street Times.

“You can wake up feeling ehh, then in the middle of the day feeling good; might feel kind of down, then partying in the evening,” Smith previously told the Detroit Free Press.

“And that’s the human experience. You go up and down. We are very colorful as human beings with a range of emotions.”

The Detroit native gained major support with his ultimate vision to create a “new era of social media” that transformed the way people experienced it. 

Young’s contribution to the team included Inpathy being selected as one of the 12 companies to join the Headstream by SecondMuse Accelerator Program created by Melinda Gates.