New Tool Helps Entrepreneurs Deepen Client and Customer Relationships

In any type of business forming solid relationships with clients is key. Grapevine6 is a new tool that gives insights into clients to help business owners better manage those relationships. Essentially, Grapevine6 connects to your LinkedIn account to recommend articles that will spark conversations with clients and prospects.

Grapevine6 also helps you find new people to meet in your extended network using a wizard that shares what types of people (roles, seniority, and industry) you’d like to get introduced to. Grapevine6 will send a periodic email with new contacts to meet and will even help you craft a request for the introduction.

The way it works is that Grapevine6 allows you to look up a client or customer, a prospective customer, or just someone who’s important to your business on LinkedIn, and then pull up their profile. Grapevine6 breaks that profile down to five or six key areas of interest–things that person really cares about. Then it looks through its proprietary business news index–a collection of 8.5 million business stories drawn from some 800 publications —searching for articles that the customer might be interested in reading. Grapevine6 also helps you track whether that person read it, liked it, and whether there might be other people in your contacts who would be interested in that article.

As a way to help those with fewer connections to grow their networks, Grapevine6 also profiles what content clients or customers are sharing with their connections and then ferret out similar people in their “introducible” network.

Grapevine6 is a working platform. You can check it out for free online. Also, in the works are a version and a mail plug-in for Yahoo, gMail, and Outlook.