Keenan Anderson’s Family Files $100M Lawsuit Following Repeated Tasing That Led To His Death

Keenan Anderson’s Family Files $100M Lawsuit Following Repeated Tasing That Led To His Death

Following an encounter in January 2023 with Los Angeles police officers, Keenan Anderson died hours after being repeatedly tased. Now, his family has announced they intend to file a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles.

According to USA Today, Anderson’s family, represented by attorney Ben Crump, is seeking $100 million for the alleged police killing. An autopsy released in June 2023 revealed the 31-year-old passed away from an enlarged heart and cocaine use. The coroner stated his death was “determined hours after restraint and conducted energy device use.”

If not for the actions of the police officer on the day of Anderson’s death, according to Crump, “Keenan Anderson would be here today.”

Alluding to racism, the lawsuit asserts that because Anderson was a Black man, the police officer used a stun gun when it wasn’t needed.

The paperwork was filed on behalf of Anderson’s 5-year-old son, Syncere Kai Anderson, and his mother, Gabrielle Hansell. The family is suing the city of Los Angeles and dozens of unnamed individuals connected to the case. They allege civil rights violations, assault and battery, false imprisonment, and negligence, according to a copy of the lawsuit.

In January 2023, the Los Angeles Police Department released video footage from several body cameras showing the interaction. After struggling with several police officers, Anderson was tased several times, and as he was lying on the ground, he blurted out, “They’re trying to George Floyd me!”

Emergency personnel eventually arrived on the scene, and Anderson was taken away by ambulance. Several hours later, he suffered cardiac arrest and died at the hospital.

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