Nick Cannon Admits His New Song Was About Realizing The Love He’s Lost And Taking Ownership

Nick Cannon Admits His New Song Was About Realizing The Love He’s Lost And Taking Ownership

While Nick Cannon realizes that getting back with Mariah Carey is virtually “impossible,” he does admit that he’s had time to think back on his relationship slips and his new song is a nuanced ode to taking ownership for his past mistakes.

Cannon is now “clarifying” the intent of his latest single, Alone which he released earlier this week on Valentine’s Day. Cannon admits on his show that while he knows rekindling his relationship is a hard no with the superstar singer, the song is about taking ownership of the break-up.

“The song is really about reflection. You know you realize, ‘Man, I really messed up! I had probably the greatest situation. I had my dream girl, and I messed it up!'”

The song uses a sample of Mariah’s song, Love Takes Time off her 1990 self-titled debut album.

One line in the song states, “As much as I want you back/ It’s probably better where you at.”

“Music is therapeutic for me,” Cannon said.

Another line in the song, “I say I’m cool when I know I miss it/I’d trade it all for the case if I could have you back/If I could go back where we started at.”

“The song wasn’t really about trying to get her back. It was taking ownership of what I did as a man and owning my flaws and expressing it through song.”

The single is actually the first song off of Cannon’s forthcoming project entitled, Raw N B The Explicit Tape. It will have 12 new tracks that is scheduled to be released this week on Feb. 18. It will have featured artists such as K. Michelle, Brandy, and even Mariah Carey.

“With someone being so controversial, always in the blogs, and the tabloids every day, I thought, ‘Let me continue to use music as a therapeutic method to speak my truth and share what I’m going through.’ When people are going through some of the more challenging times in their life, that’s when they make the best music,” he said.

We’re glad Cannon understands that he had a good thing, but sad that he waited so long to come to that realization.