Nicki Minaj Has Launched A Record Label

Nicki Minaj got busy this weekend. After releasing her neck-breaking single, “Red Ruby Da Sleaze,” the Queens native announced that she launched her record label.

The Queens rapper decided to share the exciting news on her Queen Radio show on Friday (March 3).

During the show, which made its return after a nearly two-year hiatus, the self-proclaimed Chun Li also shared the roster of new artists she has signed, including Nana Fofie, Rico Danna, London Hill, and Tate Kobang.  

However, Nicki is making fans wait for the name of her new label, which she will reveal on the next episode of Queen Radio.

“I’m not gonna announce the name, but I have a record label now,” she said. “And because I believe so strongly in loyalty and because I spent my whole life giving to others that turned around and shit on me, Paddy Dukes is the first A&R on my label.”

Nicki added: “I’m not going to tell you guys the name of the label yet, right, but I’ll tell you guys that on the next show. We’ll do a next show pretty soon.”

Last year, Nicki first revealed that had plans to get into the business side of the music industry during her much-watched sit-down with Joe Budden

“The female rappers before me, I would always say they should have retired as moguls. And I would say, ‘Why isn’t there a female version of JAY-Z, who at that time, even when I was coming in, we could see that he was on mogul status. So I was like, ‘I’m gonna be that person, I’m gonna do that.’ Even what I’ve done, I haven’t done what I want to do, what I need to do, what I will do yet.”